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Cracow University of Technology
development program for the years 2022-23

e-mail: geopolymers@pk.edu.pl
Registration deadline 2 june, 2023

Summer school 2023

The Department of Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Materials Engineering and Physics and the Chair of Building Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Krakow University of Technology invite you to join the Geopolymers Summer School.
The main goal of the summer school is to broaden the participants’ knowledge in the field of construction materials concentrating primarily on geopolymers. The course is designed for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students from Poland and abroad. Students of Materials Engineering and related fields, i.e. Civil Engineering, Architecture, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering are especially welcome.
The course includes lectures and laboratory exercises on geopolymers conducted by foreign lecturers, as well as various educational trips.
The participation in The Geopolymers Summer School will not only allow you to expand the knowledge of the subject but will also be an opportunity to build professional relationships.



Faculty of Materials Engineering and Physics 
Cracow University of Technology
al. Jana Pawła II 37, 31-864 Krakow, Poland

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